Webinar Programming


Marketing and Educational Programs

Our staff is expert in designing, producing and promoting marketing and educational webinar programs that advance customer business and thought leadership goals.  

Webinars are most effective as a marketing tool when they provide truly relevant and useful content to help the audience address their issues and interests.  Creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content attracts and retains a following for client services. 

ERS Advisors offers clients a substantial marketing advantage because we have 25,000 subscribers to the webinar programs of our subsidiary, the Security and Sustainability Forum (SSF).  We use that list as the core of our webinar promotions and add social media and promotion partners to increase attendance.  

Introducing the Security and Sustainability Forum

SSF convenes global experts in free webinars to address the impacts to society from natural and man made threats. It has produced 220 educational webinars. The content is used for curriculum enrichment in college courses around the world.  Webinars are sponsored by universities, nonprofits and companies seeking visibility for their programs, services, products and research.  Download facts about SSF

Average registration for SSF webinars is 1050 professionals, which is more than double the industry standard.  

Example Engagements

5th Year of a University Series


 SSF is in its fifth year of supporting the Arizona State University's Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability climate resilience and carbon management webinar programs.  We hare produced 30 webinars and attracted over 15,000  unique participants.  Download a one pager on the benefits ASU sees from the SSF webinar programs. 

Solar Energy Product


Rayvience turned to SSF to develop a webinar to market its new solar hot water product.  The webinar attracted over 600 participants and led to a list of prospects and product representatives.  

Watch the webinar.

New University Center


When Antioch  University New England was planning the Center for Climate Preparedness 

and Community Resilience, it turned to SSF to develop a three webinar series featuring AUNE expertise in community resilience.  The result was a core marketing base of several thousand interested professionals.  

Data Analytics Firm Proves its Value


Chatmine Technologies is a data mining firm with roots at Boston University. Its webinar on using big data to answer sustainability questions was SSF's highest rated session, attracted 1100 participants and resulted in three new contracts for Chatmine. 

4th Year of a Book Publisher Series


SSF has produced 20 webinars for Island Press featuring its authors and its Urban Resilience program funded by a Kresge Grant.  Registration for the August 2019 webinar on climate action planning topped 2200, among the top attractions in the webinar industry.

Drawdown Promotion


Project Drawdown is the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming.  SSF produced a webinar with Paul Hawkin, Founder of Project Drawdown and one of the environmental movement’s leading voices.  Registration topped 2400 for the online event. 

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Bringing GWU Courses Online

ERS Advisors is producing George Washington University's energy and environmental professional development courses online.  The first course is on electric vehicles.  See the 5 minute webinar we produced to promote the course and check out course registration on the GWU Energy and Environmental Management Institute website.